Apply Now For Our Get Up To Speed Program launching in 2020!

Apply Now For Our Get Up To Speed Program launching in 2020!

We are excited to announce that we are going to relaunch our very popular Get Up To Speed Program!… 

Why? I’m amazed at how many people I meet who say to me ‘you know that program you did a few years ago. God it was amazing! I learnt so much from it, and I’d never be where I am in business if it wasn’t for that program.’


‘You know that Get Up to Speed program? I am STILL using things I learned from that program in my business today. It was SO GOOD!’

So in making our plans for 2020, we thought ‘You know, that sort of feedback is what makes us tick. We love hearing this stuff! We need to offer that program again!! And the name is still relevant. People still need to ‘get up to speed’ with digital marketing. It’s a mine field. It’s ever changing. How are these poor businesses supposed to ever keep up without some trusted and ongoing help! So we thought ‘ok let’s do this! Let’s relaunch the Get Up
To Speed program, but let’s make it bigger and better than ever before!

Granted, things have evolved A LOT since we put that program together and although we keep updating the course material and offering it online, there is SO MUCH MORE we need to tell people about how to market themselves or their business online. Or their products or their services. Or their own programs.

And the thing is we have so much more to offer than we ever did!… 

Today, our company The Creative Collective is a team of 12 people, and around 40 specialists in digital marketing fields. My other company The Training Collective is a team of 3 people, and around 12 trainers/consultants out in the field around Australia.… âœˆï¸… 

We offer many services we have since day dot, but we also offer a whole lot more too such as chatbots, photography, videography, advertising on so many more online platforms than just Facebook or Google, not to mention our current philosophies on what marketing IS and what is working RIGHT NOW.

Not to mention how frustrated we feel when we see people using industry jargon like ‘click funnels’ and ‘ROI’ that people come to us and regurgitate like they know what they’re talking about.… 

ANYWAY, another thing we’ve observed is businesses need help over time. Not just a one hit wonder workshop. Or a sizzling strategy session (that loses its sizzle if you don’t do anything with the advice we give you, or need a little help getting things in place as you move through what is often a long list of to dos.)

SO we are announcing the opportunity to apply to be considered for the program. Let us give you the low down:

– You can register for a free webinar or watch the recording here:
– You need to apply by 31 December and we are not accepting limited numbers to ensure a quality experience
– If you are accepted, you will he contacted to schedule an on-boarding call and go through next steps. We want to curate a group of highly motivated like minded people, hence the need to apply.
– The program will officially kick off in Feb but you can start the online content from the moment you sign up (x35 digital marketing modules)
– The program will combine the best of everything we have on offer – initial online marketing strategy session with one of our amazing team, monthly live webinars (recordings available always), access to our live workshops in the major cities of Australia, access to our entire suite of online modules (over 35 of them!) Facebook group to ask questions/share successes and subject to the program tier you sign up for (there are 3 tiers at 3 price points – see below) we’ll also conduct initial audits on your website, social, brand, digital advertising and more, you’ll also have access to regular one on one sessions to keep you focused and kicking goals
– the starting point for the program is just $195/month (that’s only $50 a week!) and the highest tier with the most one on one contact is only $595/month (that’s a lot cheaper than what most businesses coaches charge).

We want all business owners to be able to participate in this, no matter their starting point financially.

So there’s already a lot of programs out there. Why should you invest your time and money with us?


– Myself and one of our consultants/trainers in Sydney, Heather Porters, are two of only 8 Facebook Community Trainers across Australia and New Zealand. This means we regularly engage in intensive and specialised training with Facebook and since then they been delivering the “Facebook Community Boost” program to hundreds of small businesses in Australia. We know our stuff and learn direct from Facebook themselves!
– I have recently passed Facebook’s Digital Marketing Associate certification as part of a pilot study which is the most rigorous and reliable measure of Facebook advertising competency, and the only certification officially recognised by Facebook.
– We already train thousands of people a year all over Australia, and over 800 people have already done the original version of this program. We know how to develop programs that work and we know how to train people and get results.
– We have specialist knowledge in messenger marketing – mobilising campaigns which target people via Facebook messenger, an increasingly powerful marketing medium with as high as a 90% open rate
– We have a ‘full service’ agency to assist you with execution – we can help you with anything you need to move forwards and succeed with your marketing and will offer our services at discounted rates to program participants including design work, marketing strategy in addition to your kick off session, SEO, ppc or anything else you may need
– We run extremely successful companies and as such have been recognised with multiple awards for our work. See the long list here.
– We don’t just make things look nice. We’re business minded and know how to help you make money too whether that’s for your pocket or your passion project, side hustle, charity or NFP.
– We’re very techie but can explain it in an easy to understand way – we know all the technology businesses can and should use and can introduce you to them and help you be as efficient and effective as possible.
– We will mentor you! We have a ridiculous amount of experience working with people to help them come to their own realisations, to tap into their inner wisdom and intuition, to uncover who they are and what they are meant to do, to clear the fog, to get over the past failures and the current limitations they are placing on themselves and step into success!
– National – We are proudly based in regional centres (Sunshine Coast and Newcastle) with consultants in all of the major cities business.
– Longevity – we have been in operation for almost 12 years. We’ve been offering digital skills training for 10. We were one of the first to market with a lot of this stuff and we still pride ourselves on keeping up to date today.

So, how about it?

We’re ready to work with you, to walk alongside you as your marketing partner and digital skills trainer, your supporter, your motivator, your trusty side kick to help you achieve your busines goals in 2020.… 

We know only too well that ‘life can get in the way’. Don’t worry. When it comes to setbacks and knock backs and challenges, we’ve had our fair share. We promise we’ll tell stories warts and all, we’ll keep it real, so you know you are not alone in overcoming what life may place in front of you and that even then, you can STILL get there!

We are SO excited about helping YOU with your marketing and business in 2020. What a cool year to do it! Doesn’t it sound epic already?… 

Find out more or apply here: