📣 Exciting announcement: The Creative Collective to merge with The Training Collective

📣 Exciting announcement: The Creative Collective to merge with The Training Collective

Yvette Adams & Kat Lees who are expanding their business interests together by merging The Training Collective & The Creative Collective
Expanding their business interests – Kat Lees (left) & Yvette Adams (right)

We have some exciting news! 

The Creative Collective is pleased to announce our forthcoming merger with The Training Collective, previously known as our ‘sister company’.

The official date of the merge will be 1 December 2022.

The decision to merge the two companies together came after close consultation with our key business advisors and team, and elevates the strategic value we can offer clients by way of  a more cohesive and wider array of services and training under the one roof.

Whilst The Creative Collective clients have been able to access training via The Training Collective over the years, there are many new services and areas of combined expertise we plan to provide to you in the New Year.

In the meantime, there are several things we want to point out that will not change. We will continue to operate from our current offices on the Sunshine Coast and in Newcastle.

All the contact information for us will remain the same, except our email for any training matters should be directed to learn@thetrainingcollective.com.au.

The official date for the merge will be 1 December 2022. On that date our combined firm will continue trading as The Creative Collective.

A bit of history if you’re curious.. 

The Creative Collective which was started in 2007 by Yvette Adams in Maroochydore, was one of the first companies to offer digital skills training in Australia. Winning a tender in 2009 with Queensland Government to develop and deliver webinars to hundreds of small businesses across Australia.

It then also began offering live workshops on topics such as social media, SEO, website development, PR and more, as well as large scale networking events called ‘Web Wednesday’ from 2008-2013 featuring guest speakers from companies such as Facebook & Google.

In 2014 the decision to split the two offerings (services and training) was made and two companies were formed. Yvette took on 50% shareholder Kat Lees (who was previously operating a franchise of The Creative Collective from 2009 – 2013) based in Newcastle for the marketing services business, The Creative Collective, and retained 100% shareholdings herself for The Training Collective. Both companies continued to trade successfully, servicing many high profile clients nationally.

Today The Creative Collective boasts 20 staff across two offices, one in Newcastle & Sunshine Coast with dedicated specialty pods across strategy, design, social media, web, SEM, photography/videography and forging our place as a leading full service marketing agency.

The Training Collective has developed and delivered multiple digital up-skilling programs for Councils and other regional bodies, webinars, keynote presentations, seminars, facilitated workshops and more, to individuals, companies and organisations of all sizes.

Join us for some learning on TikTok Ads in the New Year!

Our first offering as a combined entity will be a four part TikTok Advertising Webinar Series kicking off on Wed 18 January 2023! A bit about it…

Are you doing advertising on other social networks and noticing your dollar isn’t going as far as it used to? It might be time to look at other platforms such as TikTok!

TikTok continues to be the fastest growing social network with eight new users joining every second, and an average of 650,000 new users joining daily.  It is expected to reach 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022 and already has over 1 billion monthly active users.

In Australia, TikTok ads have the potential to reach 7.38 million users (18+ only).

Join us for our four part series and learn all about how to get started with TikTok Spark Ads (boosting existing content) and how to establish a Business Manager account and run your first full blown TikTok ad campaign.

As always we’ll be sharing step by step, easy-to-follow instructions and case studies for a range of industries so you can get started, or reach out to us to run your TikTok ads for you once you understand the opportunity better.  Can only make some of the dates due to holidays?

Don’t worry. If you register we will send full recordings to you and all resources post session.

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