If you haven’t done a crowdfunding campaign before, or are looking at working with a marketing team for the first time on a crowdfunding campaign, it’s natural that you will have a few questions.

Please find below some frequently asked questions we often get asked in relation to crowdfunding. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q. Can we meet to discuss my crowdfunding idea?
A. As we have such high demand for our crowdfunding marketing services and only limited time available in any given day, we’re more than happy to schedule a no obligation 15-30 minute phone or Skype chat (sorry but you’ll never catch us off the cuff), however we’re unable to meet for longer than this until we are formally engaged. Most people we speak to find that this time is sufficient to go over their requirements, and from here we generally raise an estimate, then liaise with you until you accept. Once you accept and we are formally engaged, we commence all campaigns with an initiation meeting where we meet and greet in person where time and geography permits, and go over all details of the campaign at length.

Q. Which crowdfunding platforms do you work on?
We are partners of Indiegogo which is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the world, so if there is a choice, and depending what the product is, we’d probably recommend this. We also have a partnership with ReadyFundGo who are fast becoming one of Australia’s leading crowdfunding platforms. If your product is targeting an Australian audience, we’d be recommending this option. We have however worked on Kickstarter also, and have enough online nous to work on any platform if there is a real need.

Q. What is your current capacity for taking on new clients?
A. Our capacity varies from month to month and quarter to quarter depending on production schedules and launch dates. Just try us and we’ll let you know if we can’t do the dates you had in mind, and we always appreciate flexibility if you are really keen to work with us. We have the ability to scale up if required. For the right campaign we would make ourselves available.

Q. Which crowd services are part of your core offering?
A. We offer the full gamet of marketing services usually required for a crowdfunding campaign including:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Creation/Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Audience Development (Cookies/Email List)
  • Campaign Management (Comments/Social Media)
  • Paid Media (Display/SEM)
  • Public Relations
  • Other

We don’t deal with Fulfillment/Logistics/Distribution/Shipping. Some clients engage us for all of the above, others for parts. Usually we will advise on the best marketing mix for you once we are engaged, as part of the briefing session.

Q. What is your preferred engagement time before the anticipated campaign launch?
A. Six weeks is ideal however we have been known to mobilise in as little as 10 days and even mid campaign (though its not our preferred option – a little planning naturally goes a long way).

Q. What is your minimum upfront fee for engagement?
A. $5000 is the minimum fee we can make an impact

Q. Are you open to taking a percentage of funds raised as part of your fees?
A. Yes, however we will be very selective of the projects we choose to work with in this way.

Q. Do you typically price your services as part of a package or a la carte?
A. We offer both package and a la carte crowdfunding packages. It really depends on the nature of the campaign in terms of product we’ll be promoting, timing and your budget as to what we would do here.

Q. Can I review some links of crowdfunding campaigns you’ve worked on?
A. Sure thing. Here’s some to check out:

Q. Can you introduce us to a crowdfunding client who can provide a reference?
A. Sure thing. Just email us to request this.

Q. What do I have to get ready for a campaign? What do you do, and what do I do?
A. Each client we work with is different. Once we’ve had the initial meet and greet, and got to know you a little better, we’ll have a better idea of what you/your team can bring to the party. We’re always flexible so if you have some hidden talents we will always tap into them. For instance we’ve worked with clients who have already had a campaign video prepared when they came to us, while others we have helped with the scripting. Some have no website when they start with us, others have a website but it needs a fix up before we get started. We’ll advise you on what needs doing, and then we can negotiate on who will do it.
Q. Do you specialise in any specific industries?

We have done campaigns on the weird and wonderful such as a Alice in Wonderland 150 year recreated leatherbound book which raised over $100k. Just try us.

Q. How does the whole thing work from start to finish?
A. Have a read of a case study below and if you have a little longer, watch the full one hour webinar below. And if you like what you see, get in touch!

Let’s chat about your project


As a keen BMX rider, 21 year old Jonathan Zuvela found his wired earphones were constantly falling out of his ears, so decided to take matters into his own hands and develop NEXTEAR – the world’s smartest wireless earphones. When he came to us prototypes were done, a manufacturer in China had been sourced and all that was left to complete the young entrepreneur’s dream was to raise the $20,000 dollars he required to manufacture the first run of the products, which he chose to do via crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.

To ensure the campaign had every chance at success, we worked with Jonathan on a quick re-brand and website refresh before the launch of the campaign which involved an extensive Google Adwords and video advertising campaign, and well as a fast and furious tech PR campaign calling on all of our national and international tech media contacts. What happened next surpassed all expectations. Just ten days after launching the campaign, Zuvela had raised over $100,000 – exceeding his target by five times – and was averaging raising $10,000 a day online.

We also secured him an extensive amount of tech media all around the world featuring him on countless blogs in numerous languages. See the pinterest board below to view the coverage we achieved.

Let’s chat about your project

Watch a one hour webinar where we explain exactly how we tackled the Nextear crowdfunding campaign and got these results!


Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding platform empowering people around the world to fund projects that matter to them. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are the only Australian partner of Indiegogo.


Pozible is an Australia-based crowdfunding platform and community-building tool for creative projects and ideas.


Ready Fund Go is Australia’s crowd funding platform for new ideas, businesses and projects. We love working with them on projects well suited to Australian audiences.


iPledg provides Project Creators with commercial, creative, charitable & community projects an easy online platform to raise money, enabling these Project Creators to promote their idea, engage a fan base and fund their passion.

So let’s find out about your crowdfunding campaign!

As we have such high demand for our crowdfunding marketing services and only limited time available in any given day, we’re more than happy to schedule a no obligation 15-20 minute phone or Skype chat (sorry but you’ll never catch us off the cuff), however we’re unable to meet for longer than this at no charge as we’d deem this a consult. Most people we speak to find that this time is sufficient to go over their requirements, plus the form below helps us cut to the chase much quicker too!