Creating Gleam Social Media Competitions

Creating Gleam Social Media Competitions

Creating Gleam Social Media Competitions

Here at The Creative Collective, we are huge fans of creating Gleam social media competitions! Social media competitions are a powerful way for small businesses to expand brand awareness and grow an authentic community.

We have plenty of experience running Gleam competitions for our clients and are able to help you strategise a promotion that aligns with your objectives, budget and audience. We love working across a diverse range of industries and provide custom social media competition strategies to suit any product or service.

To learn more about Gleam social media competitions, keep reading!

What is it?

Gleam is an Australian software firm that has produced a holistic ‘business growth platform’ that can assist small businesses expand their audience and foster better engagement levels.

Gleam can allow you to run photo galleries, giveaways, event launches and more. This platform is a great tool for contests and giveaways and focuses on providing functionality for all users. Gleam has an established user community with excellent online documentation for those seeking guidance or support resources.

Gleam includes a collection of four online marketing apps including:


Capture allows you to increase your organisation’s email subscriber list by triggering pop ups based on browser behaviours. You are able to sync this information with more than 30 supported email vendors.

Capture can help to enhance e-commerce sales, improve rates of opt-in conversation, prevent abandoned e-commerce shopping carts and produce pop ups when audiences show an intent to exit your website.

Social Galleries

With Social Galleries, your organisation can create attractive and aesthetic photo galleries that collect social media images from related hashtags and competitions. You can use these galleries to display photo contest entries, show social media posts from attendees at events or embed user-generated content on your own website.


Rewards is similar to the other Gleam app, Competitions, but offers the advantage of creating downloads, redirects and instant redeem coupons. This app is used most often by lifestyle bloggers, gamer communities, streamers, e-commerce businesses and more. Rewards can be very beneficial in achieving user acquisition, community building, sales growth, customer rewards and social media engagement.


Lastly, and most importantly, the Gleam Competitions app makes it simple to run interesting and engaging competitions on your website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Gleam Competitions are fast becoming one of the most widely used competition platforms in Australia as they are a powerful way to boost community engagement and build audience databases.

Creating Gleam social media competitions allows entry from a number of social media platforms, provides the option for entrants to refer friends, provides a simple, ‘one click’ link that can be embedded easily and makes choosing a competition winner easy and stress free.

What Does it Cost?

Gleam provides a number of packages depending on how many apps you want to use, how many features you need and how long you want access for.

To produce a competition with The Creative Collective, we generally recommend a monthly subscription to the Competition app on a ‘Pro Plan’. This subscription can be cancelled at the end of the month or at the end of your competition. This particular Gleam package costs only $49.

IMPORTANT: this does not include our rates for briefing sessions, content creation, content scheduling, competition set up and conclusion or our competition analysis report.

What Does A Gleam Competition Look Like?

At the Creative Collective, one of our favourite things about creating Gleam social media competitions is the ability to make aesthetically pleasing competitions that can fit the look and feel of your brand style.

As part of the competition set up, our team is able to customise your unique Gleam competition landing page to your needs. This can include using specific coloured backgrounds, producing and formatting important written copy, importing graphic images, videos and organisational logos.

Gleam have produced a live demonstration that clarifies the look and function of the basic competition layout before customisation. To access this demonstration, click here.

Gleam Competition Look

While this demonstration looks pretty plain, our social media and graphic design team can turn something like this into something beautiful and eye catching. You can view examples of some of our recent work below:

SENOA’s Spring Self Care Giveaway
Senoa Spring Self Care Giveaway
Coast Store’s Room Makeover Competition

This competition is set to conclude at the end of November, 2020. To enter, click here.

Coast Store Room Makeover Competition

How Can Audiences Enter?

Depending on your chosen Gleam Competition package, there are a number of ways that you can ask users to enter your competition. Essentially, each user is provided with a number of action options, as decided by you, and can complete as many or as few as they like in order to gain a number of points. Each point acts as a separate entry, incentivising users to provide more personal details that can be used by you in the future!…  Some of the entry options include:


Facebook entries can include checking in to a location, entering with a Facebook account, visiting a page on Facebook, submitting a photo or video from Facebook or viewing a particular post on Facebook.

Facebook Options


Instagram entries include entering with an Instagram account, visiting an Instagram page,…  viewing a particular photo on Instagram and submitting a photo from Instagram.

Instagram Entries


Twitter entries include entering using a Twitter account, retweeting a tweet, creating a tweet, using specific hashtags in a tweet, following an account on Twitter, submitting a photo or video from Twitter and viewing a specific tweet.

Twitter Entries

Other Options

Other entry options include inviting a friend to enter the competition, answering a predetermined question, claiming a brand loyalty bonus, submitting a photo or downloading an app.

Competitions can also link to LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Spotify, Soundcloud, Eventbrite, and Reddit. View the whole list here.

Do Competitions Work?

Social media competitions can be a really powerful option for small businesses looking to expand brand awareness and grow their community. However, they require a lot of time, effort and planning and must be marketed to the right audiences. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and money.

Here at The Creative Collective, we have plenty of experience creating Gleam social media competitions for our clients. We are able to help you strategise a promotion that aligns with your objectives, budget and audience.

Competitions Can:

  • Launch a new venue
  • Promote a new product or service
  • Build a ‘warm’ audience who is interested in a particular product or service
  • Promote an event
  • Build an engaged audience that you might use as a custom audience in future
  • Build page/profile followers/likes
  • Boost engagement
  • Increase Reach
  • Create buzz & hype
  • Build anticipation
  • Cut through the ‘same ol’ content on social media
  • Test the market
  • Drive Sales

Sounds Cool. What NeXT?

Initial Discussion

First things first, we need to know what you are trying to achieve. In a 20 — 30 minute conversation, we can give some initial suggestions. From there, we send you a formal quote.

Briefing Session

We will take the time to get to know you, your business objectives, target market, competitive landscape and desired outcomes from the campaign. We also gather key information such as existing logins and marketing messages you’d like to use for brand consistency.…  Then, we will provide a debrief document post this session for you to approve.

Competition Design

With all information in hand, it’s time to design the competition. Having conducted the briefing session, we will have drafted key messages and competition terms and conditions. We will then set up the Gleam competition and send you tests for approval.

During and After The Campaign

Once the campaign has commenced, we will monitor it. We will then report on results i.e. number of likes, entries, comments and so on. This will be done in an end of campaign meeting to ‘unpack’ what occurred.

At the conclusion of the campaign, an export of the entries will be provided to you. We recommend that this is the time to follow-up with unsuccessful entrants with a ‘runners up offer’.

From here, we can either embark on another (many of our clients do). Or we can also provide you with a number of other services to help you continue to build on your social media presence and enjoy a higher level of enquiry, brand awareness and sales.

Tell Me More

If you aren’t sold on using Gleam, The Creative Collective also offer Facebook Chat Bot Competitions.

You can view some recent examples here:

To view our extensive Social Media Competition Packages, click here.… 

To learn more about social media competitions and their rules, click here.