Cool new technology to check out

Cool new technology to check out

Keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in technology is key to any businesses success. Since posting this article there have been several new technologies released or updated – check out and stay ahead of the pack!

I have been burning the midnight oil lately (again) even though I make repeated promises to myself that I will ‘go to bed earlier’! But you see, I can’t help it, because I keep discovering the COOLEST new technologies online, then I have to have a little download, a little play and a little implementation and then what do you know, it’s after midnight again.

It’s funny how it happens though, because just the other day I was thinking, ‘you know it would be really cool if there were some technology that did this kind of thing relative to my business’.

And what do you know? The types of things I find myself wishing for often are things that are already out there, you just have to allow yourself to have those thoughts, and then go out and look for them!

We have creative contractors dotted all over Australia and even some internationally so issues facing us as an organisation is the ability to centralise data in one location online which others can tap into, edit and save again. Communication is also a biggie for us. It sometimes feels like in the time it takes putting together the brief, we might as well have just done the job ourselves.

So here’s a couple of little tip offs for this issue that I hope will save you some time, energy and money.

Welcome to the World of 2.0 where a company called 37signals, are pumping out ‘web based applications that get things done the simple way.

Their offerings include:

1) Basecamp (click on the button below to check it out)


Basecamp is their flagship product which covers off project management and collaboration. Collaborate with your team and clients. Schedules, tasks, files, messages, and more.

2) Highrise – (click on the button below to check it out)


Their newest product which is an online contact manager and simple CRM (client relationship manager). Keep track of who your business talks to, what was said, and what to do next.

3) Backpack (click on the button below to check it out)

Just updated! Intranet, group calendar, organizer. Share info, schedules, documents, and to-dos across your company, group, or organization.

Happy ‘burning the midnight oil’!