Kindness, Trust and Respect, the Anecdote to the Sunday Scaries

Early morning 6am and the news feeds are pinging with yet another HR buzz phrase.  Ping: ‘Lean in!’  Ping: ‘Quiet quitting!’  Ping: ‘Paranoid Productivity!’  Ping: ‘The Great Resignation!’ Ping: ‘Remote working regression!’  Ping: ‘Act your wage!” Reading through bleary eyes, before the caffeine has even made it to the mug, it would seem the biggest pings…
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How to recruit people on social media

Once upon a time if you wanted to hire someone in Australia, you’d head straight for a job board site like Seek, post a job and wait for the applications to come in. But with the advent of social media, more companies are turning to the social channels as the only way they recruit, or…
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