The Renaissance of Print Marketing Materials

In a modern digital world, you could be guilty of believing that print marketing materials are dead, but we believe perhaps it's merely sleeping. While there is no doubt that digital marketing has taken centre stage in recent years, we believe it's essential to not overlook print as a viable marketing medium for the right…
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Review : Fotojet – A Graphic Design and Photo Editor Software

FotoJet is a free online photo editor, collage maker and graphic designer that allows you to edit photos and create collages and designs easily. It's a web app that could potentially be a great resource and tool for social media managers, bloggers and vloggers. With a user friendly interface it is easy to sign up…
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Move over graphic designers, you’re almost redundant!

If you are a business owner, marketing manager or manage any businesses on social media and haven’t heard of Canva, then do yourself a favour and keep reading! It’s time you learnt about the Aussie start-up taking the world by storm. Canva is an online graphics platform that combines a drag-and-drop design tool with a…
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