Working with a Brand Refresh Agency on a Brand Evolution

Working with a Brand Refresh Agency on a Brand Evolution

In the dynamic landscape of business, where trends evolve and consumer expectations shift, the need for brand evolution is undeniable. 

Your brand is the face of your business, and keeping it fresh, relevant, and appealing to your target audience is a strategic move that can make or break your success. As a general guide,  most businesses need to review their brand, if not update it, every two to five years. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of modernising your brand, and the key considerations for a successful brand evolution and why you might want to talk to us as your new brand refresh agency!

Why do you need a Brand Refresh Agency?

In the ever-changing marketplace, a brand that remains the same will risk looking dated, daggy, and can lose relevance audience. Reviewing your brand every now and then to consider whether it needs an evolution (or not) is, therefore brand evolution.

Brand evolution is not necessarily about completely rebranding and abandoning your old brand or roots completely. It’s about a brand refresh, and understanding where you are as a brand and a business now, then adapting your brand for the future, whilst preserving the essence of what makes your brand unique. 

It’s a journey that involves some deep thinking, some refining, some revitalising, and sometimes reinventing and is best done with professional consultation and guidance from branding experts (like us!)

The Need for Modernisation in a Brand Refresh

Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

The digital era has transformed the way businesses operate and how consumers engage with brands. A brand that hasn’t adapted to fit within the digital landscape is missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with tech-savvy audiences across various online platforms. 

Does your brand look good on your Facebook profile for instance? Have you made story templates to fit mobile phone’s vertical space for publishing? How do you use your brand when producing video intros and outros? 

As you can see there are many uses for a brand in the digital age, and tweaks to your brand to look the part in different digital situations may be required.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Preferences

Consumer preferences evolve, and so should your brand. A brand that resonates with the preferences of the past may not capture the attention of newer audiences. 

Understanding and adapting to changing consumer behaviours and preferences is crucial for maintaining relevance and sustaining customer loyalty. For instance, if you want to target anyone under 25 years these days, you need to consider what your brand is doing on TikTok and how to appeal to them in a relevant way for this platform.

Competitive Edge in the Market

Everyone has competitors and it’s a good idea to take stock now and then to see what they are doing with their brand and ensure you are standing out in your ‘brandscape’. 

Modernising your brand allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors, making a compelling case for why consumers should choose your products or services over others. 

It’s about showcasing your evolution and commitment to meeting the current needs and desires of your audience.

How The Creative Collective Can Help You With Your Brand Refresh

1. Brand Audit and Research

Before embarking on a brand evolution journey with a client, we will generally commence with a strategy session and conduct a comprehensive brand audit

Understanding how your brand is currently perceived, gathering feedback from stakeholders, and identifying areas that need improvement can give us valuable insights for the evolution work we do. 

Research can also involve looking at industry and design trends to inform your modernisation strategy. We’ll show you lots of examples, and get you to buy into a direction for your brand evolution.

2. Define Clear Objectives

Next, we will clearly outline the objectives of your brand evolution. Whether it’s to ‘modernise the brand’ (which it often is), get the brand assets you need (i.e. various versions of the logo which you may or may not have on file along with a brand style guide which may expand these days to include elements such as social media design templates and so on) to increase brand awareness due to a competitor coming into the market place, attract a new target audience, or reposition in the market, having defined goals will guide the evolution process and help us measure its success.

3. Preserve Brand Essence

While modernising, we will ensure that you preserve the core elements that make your brand unique and hear from any stakeholders on what can’t change and why. 

Keeping some consistency in your brand whether it be a similar font, colour scheme, design element or otherwise means you won’t lose any ‘brand equity’ you have worked hard to achieve with your current brand/s, and help to maintain the recognition that your loyal customers value.

4. Engage Your Audience

We think it is important to involve your audience in the evolution process. Seek feedback, conduct surveys, and let your customers be a part of the journey. 

This not only makes them feel valued but also ensures that your modernisation efforts align with their expectations.

5. Consistent Branding Across Channels

Once we have come up with your brand evolution, we will help you roll it out. Maintaining consistency in your branding across all channels, both online and offline. A cohesive brand presence strengthens your identity and enhances brand recall.

Success Stories of Global Brands That HaveUndergone a Brand Refresh

There are many examples of famous brand refreshes over the years and who have done this very successfully. To share some well-known ones:

Brand Refresh Agency

Some commentary on these brand refreshes:

As you can see in every example, elements of the old brand have remained. To speak to specific brands in this layout:

BP has kept its colours the same, popped the bp out and made it a small case, and changed the flat two-colour shield to a sun with more depth to convey its new commitment to sustainability.

Instagram has probably evolved the most of all in terms of colour, and not even stating the words ‘Instagram’, but it’s continued to be a retro-looking camera, moving from the old polaroid style brown box to a gradient logo (when colour transitions from one to another) and a much more simplified brand.

Spotify has evolved from an outline font with some sound signals coming off the ‘o’ to placing the sound signals in a circle to the left and becoming a motif, and using a flatter and solid font in a brighter green which immediately makes it look more vibrant and modern.

Uber isn’t even a very old brand in comparison to some of the others on the screen but has already undergone a brand evolution. 

From all caps in quite a business-looking font to Title Case and a more rounded friendly font.

Big W has evolved simply by amending the font and the blue colour selection. You’ll probably have noticed they also modernised stores to enhance the overall shopping and brand experience.

Success Stories of Brands We Have Evolved as a Brand Refresh Agency

There are many examples of brands we have evolved over the years for different reasons. Here are some examples:

hotel software brand

Q2 Solutions

The CEO of Q2 Solutions reached out to us seeking to modernise the brand which included the main company brand (Q2 Solutions) and two product brands (ESCAP & Sidekick), and thereafter to update the website.

The work included preparing two rounds of logos, providing a brand style guide, email signature and website mock up. We then prepared a new website on WordPress, which the client can now easily self manage. The website featured a range of cartoon imagery to convey the features of the website.

Read the full Q2 case study here.



We were pleased to work with Spacefinder on a rebrand project. Following the rebrand project we then moved onto:

  • Graphic design work & print for multiple marketing documents including business cards, corporate folders, brochure
  • Website overhaul
  • Photo shoot

The result was a much more professional brand which communicated their new offering and a range of professional marketing documents.

Read the full case study here.



​We were pleased to work with PGSR, a subsidiary company of Toshiba on their rebrand project.

 After significant research into the brandscape and conducting a subsequent brand strategy session with the management team, a two phased approach was developed for the rebrand. 

Read the full case study here.

Conclusion on Brand Evolution & The Need to Modernise Your Brand Every Now & Then

In a world where change is constant, brand evolution is not just a strategic move; it’s a necessity for sustained success. If you were to ever sell your business, investing in your brand now will contribute to higher sales in the future.

The Creative Collective is a Brand Refresh Agency, and with its team of in-house designers, and experienced brand strategists can help you to reach your brand and organisation evolve to become the best possible version of itself through our thoughtful and thorough process which is customised to suit different clients, timelines and budgets. 

The journey of brand evolution is ongoing, and we encourage you to check in with our Brand Refresh Agency for a free 15-20 minute consultation to discuss your brand status, and whether it needs a little evolvement.