Boost Your eCommerce Business with Google Shopping Ads

Boost Your eCommerce Business with Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

With online shopping becoming more popular every single year, all eCommerce businesses should be constantly looking to improve their online presence and capitalise on current consumer spending trends. At The Creative Collective, one of our favourite ways to promote eCommerce businesses is through Google Shopping Ads! In recent years, this service has transitioned from an optional selling tactic to an essential aspect of strategy for all of our eCommerce clients.

Google Shopping ads are a fast growing format for eCommerce advertising. There is no easier way to be found by people who are searching for products that you sell. According to the 2019 Google Shopping Benchmarks Report, Google Shopping ads grew 29% year on year versus only 13% for paid search. This demand is driven by an increase in ad spend by retail marketers and eCommerce businesses.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping isn’t technically an online marketplace and is more like an ad platform. This…  service allows consumers to search for, compare and shop for physical products based on search queries through a Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE).

Creating a Google Shopping ad allows you to showcase your products as thumbnail images at the top of Google results for search terms that are related to your product. Clicking on the ad directs users to the product’s landing page where viewers can then purchase the product from your website. These ads are available on both mobile and desktop devices and can also be seen when shoppers click on the Shopping tab on the Google homepage.

What is Included in a Google Shopping Ad?

Each shopping ad consists of the product title, your branding, an image of the product and the price. Included below is an example of Google Shopping ads when searching for a new phone.

Google Shopping Ads

Product Title

The product title lets consumers know about your product’s specifications such as the brand, size and colour. Producing a descriptive product title optimises your chances of appearing in more Google keyword searches.

Website Branding

Google Shopping Ads help to associate your products with your brand. Before shoppers are even directed to your website, they get to know a bit about your business and what it stocks. Those that become familiar with your business are then able to identify it from competitors.


Including a quality image is vital when creating an eye catching Google Shopping Ad. As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words and they can make or break a consumer shopping experience. High quality images allow users to essentially ‘window shop’ before deciding if they are interested in purchasing a product.

Including an image is the main difference between Google Shopping Ads and Search Ads. However, it is important to remember that the image in your Google Shopping ad must clearly show the product within Google’s specifications.


Each Google Shopping Ad also includes the price of the product. This can help consumers compare and filter through options on a price basis. If your product is too expensive for a shopper, they’re unlikely to click on your ad. If your price is competitive against other businesses, they will be more likely to continue to your website.

You should use this feature to check how your prices do compare to competitors on Google Shopping Ads before launching your ads. You don’t have to beat or price match, but it is certainly something you should consider.

What are the Benefits of Google Shopping Ads?

Visual Touch

One benefit of Google Shopping Ads is that they add a visual touch to a text-heavy shopping experience. Some shoppers rely on visual features such as the product image and star ratings to select products. These ads certainly make products more attractive to click on. Studies show that Google Shopping Ads have higher conversion rates than text ads and have lower cost-per-clicks, meaning not only are they generally cheaper, they are also generally more successful.

Targeted Advertising

When Google Shopping Ads are set up correctly, they are able to use Google’s Machine Learning through Google Smart Shopping. This means that Google Shopping can learn about shoppers who are mostly likely to be interested in your products. They can target specific consumers, creating the best possible return for your ad spend.

In addition, by creating Google Smart Shopping Campaigns, you get access to Google’s automatic dynamic re-marketing. When a shopper clicks on your shopping ad, they will be shown the product on the Google Display Network. As a result, shoppers may see ads for your brand and product on any number of websites.

Connecting with Quality Leads

Consumers searching for products on Google have generally done some research and are close to making a purchasing decision. Therefore, when they see a relevant product or ad, they are more likely to follow through to learn more about the product and make a purchase.

Bang For Your Buck

In addition, Google Shopping ads can provide a lot of bang for your buck as you only pay when a consumer takes action. Instead of paying for views from irrelevant consumers that can create a money-pit over time, you are only paying for each consumer action. These include clicks on your ad or calls to your business. Google Shopping ads also allows you to remain in charge of your online advertising costs. You can input a monthly budget cap to control spending and are able to stop spending at any time.

Great For Small Businesses

Whether you’re creating a new business venture or own a small business, appearing at the top of Google can drive consumers to purchase your products. Google Shopping ads mean that consumers don’t need to be familiar with your business or brand before purchase as they are connected to your products through user keyword searches.

As Google Shopping ads appear above organic search results, your business can easily and effectively expand online visibility. This can help to produce stronger brand awareness and recognition.

Overall, Google Shopping ads are an amazing way to expand awareness of your product and improve brand recognition. Regardless of business size, all eCommerce businesses can benefit from introducing Google Shopping ads to their online strategy.

How Can I Get Google Shopping Ads?

While Google Shopping ads are incredibly effective, they can be quite difficult and time consuming to set up. Shopping ads need a Google Merchant Centre Account, feeds, shipping details, Global Trade Item Numbers and other details before going live. You can try to do this yourself by setting up a Google Merchant Centre Account and Google Ads account or you could take the pressure off and let one of our experienced team members do the work for you!


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