The average Australian now spends $1900 per year online

The average Australian now spends $1900 per year online

The first thing I thought I’d share with you is an incredible stats I heard whilst at an internet marketing seminar last Friday.

Did you know that the average Australian now spends $1900 per year online?

Of course there are always going to be people who spend nothing and those who spend a whole lot more than $1900 a year, but as an average figure $1900 is pretty decent don’t you think?

Depending on what line of business you are in, $1900 worth of your products might represent quite a few sales for you. Or, if an amount like this represents just one sale, I’m sure you’ll agree that it would be pretty nice to pick up a few of these from all the ‘average Australian online shoppers’ out there.

Later this year, we’ll be running a workshop all about e-commerce and how you can start selling online and literally ‘making money while you sleep’.

But before you’re ready to sell online you need to make sure you’ve got a website, and not only a website but a website that works.

Our next seminar being held on Wednesday 30 May is all about how to get higher Google rankings.

We’ve just secured an AMAZING speaker from Brisbane who we’ll tell you more about shortly.

In the mean time click here for more information about this exciting event…