The Renaissance of Print Marketing Materials

The Renaissance of Print Marketing Materials

print marketing materials

In a modern digital world, you could be guilty of believing that print marketing materials are dead, but we believe perhaps it’s merely sleeping. While there is no doubt that digital marketing has taken centre stage in recent years, we believe it’s essential to not overlook print as a viable marketing medium for the right time and place. 

We look up and out always and find that print marketing is always popping out around every corner. From Billboards, transport wraps and traditional outdoor to album covers, specialist bound portfolios and more, print remains a go-to for our clients for lasting and disruptive impact.

It is easy to be consumed by the screen in our hand and rely on this for entertainment, inspiration and beyond. Technological advancements and the age of AI see a marketing environment dominated by these same digital screens and virtual experiences, meaning that the tactile and sensory qualities of printed media can be seen as outdated or a thing of the past. 

But the advent of things like QR codes in the Pandemic, and people wanting to decrease their screen time, has seen print rebound for its ability to stand out as a timeless and captivating medium for branding.

If you’re after a medium that sets you apart from your competitors and can elevate your graphic design and brand products, then look no further than print. 
Join us as we explore the unsung hero that is print marketing material…

print marketing

Connect physically with your audience

Print marketing materials have a unique quality that no digital platform can replicate and that is the tactile factor.

Consider the feeling of a rounded corner matt cello business card, the glossy shine of a freshly printed high gsm brochure, or the weight and smell of a high-quality hard cover textured booklet in your hand, creates an instant feeling and connection. These tangible experiences can engage your customers’ senses and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

Print marketing materials also offer a canvas for creativity from luxurious finishes like embossing and foil stamping to unique cut out shapes, print allows your brand to make a statement through design. Each detail, from paper selection to colour choices, contributes to a bespoke branding experience that captures your brand’s essence.

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Showcase that you are credible and trustworthy

In a digital world filled with spam emails and online scams, printed media conveys a sense of credibility and trustworthiness. A well-thought-out printed approach can convey that your brand is established and invested in its image, which can instil confidence in potential customers, especially when they are considering the purchase of high-end products like real estate, cars, yachts, and luxury items such as furniture, watches, fashion and more.

If you’re able to have face time with your customers, your printed materials being tangible and physical give you the opportunity to make a great professional first impression, a quality talking point, or to leave a lasting impression, answering questions or reinforcing the messages you’ve shared in your meeting. This can then be passed around to their management, board members or other stakeholders and aid in the decision-making process of whether to engage with you.

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Linger a Little Longer

Physical products also often have a shelf life, meaning they can live on, communicating your messages long past their production date.

A well-designed print piece may find its way onto a desk, bulletin board, or coffee table, serving as a constant reminder of your brand. 

This lasting presence is a valuable asset for building brand recall.

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Share your messages wide and far

Whether you’re sending direct mail to a specific demographic in a postcode, featuring in a printed magazine with a print ad, showcasing yourself through signage with high foot traffic, or distributing brochures at a local event, print materials allow you to engage with your audience in a focused and memorable way.

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But what about the environment!?

Print doesn’t have to be at odds with environmental focus and sustainability. Many eco-friendly printing practices and materials are available today, such as digital or LED UV based printing (less waste) recycled or low carbon options for paper (made from wood fibre) and choosing an environmentally committed printing provider. All these options allow your brand to make a positive environmental footprint while maintaining marketing impact.

Summary: Print Marketing Material is not Dead

We believe that by combining digital marketing and also embracing print where relevant, your brand can cut through and capture the attention of your target audience in a unique way.

Print marketing materials are a timeless and thoughtful medium that should not be overlooked in your branding efforts. Its tactile nature, creative possibilities, and lasting impact make it a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit.

So if your branding and brand presence is sleeping, perhaps some creative use of printing could wake it up!

For more advice on driving the marketing of your business with print get in touch today.