I’m going to Silicon Valley (and you’re coming with me!)

Over the New Year period I set myself some goals, and my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) was to go to Silicon Valley – the tech capital of the world – in 2013. 

I didn’t know exactly who I was going to go with, or how I was going to make it happen, but for some time I’ve had a burning desire to go there. 
It’s almost like I know if I go there something HUGE is going to happen – I just know I need to get there.
So with this in mind, you can imagine my reaction was when I received a phone call midday Friday just been, to tell me I had been selected as one of ten Australia women to go on a convoy / study tour to Silicon Valley! 
Arrrggggh!!!! Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it.

An Early Disappointment

In the interests of keeping it real (and in the process hopefully encouraging you not to lose hope if you ever miss out on something), it’s worth mentioning that though it may only be March, there have been earlier disappointments in relation to this BHAG.


Late last year I applied for the Advanced Innovation Program an annual initiative that showcases Australian innovation to the US, connecting the next generation of Australian entrepreneurs and innovators with dynamic global networks, key business insiders and investors. 


I had pinned my hopes on this being my ticket to Silicon Valley and was pretty gutted when I was informed earlier this year that I had not been successful of getting through to the next round of this opportunity.


But things happen for a reasons right?


How The Goal Came Into Focus

In 2010 I was lucky enough to win the Commonwealth Bank Business Owner of the Year Award at the Telstra Business Womens Awards in Queensland. Ever since, Commonwealth Bank have been absolutely incredible to me and I am forever grateful.


The cash prize at the time was helpful, but what has been far more valuable is the contacts I have made through the WomenInFocus network which started in 2011, and the opportunities they are constantly connecting me and the other members of the network to. I strongly encourage you to pop on over to their website at womeninfocus.com.au or their social networks.


So when they put this call out via their great online network I was very excited for a second chance at making a dream come true, and I went for it.


And on Friday I had confirmation from their head office that I am one of ten women entrepreneurs from Australia who will travel to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, as part of a study tour in mid May 2013!!!


This is a unique opportunity for myself and the others in the convoy to meet startups and entrepreneurs living and working in Silicon Valley and to share our learning journey and revelations with our peers.


And that’s where you come in!


How you can ‘come with me’

Ok so I can’t actually take you in my suitcase or shout you a trip over with me (though I’ve already been asked by a few people to do so). But in being given this fantastic opportunity I am very aware that this trip is much larger than me.

In going I am more than happy to take the considerations of all those around me, maximise every moment, and bring back all the learnings and experiences from the trip, and the changes it has made to my business thinking, back to the broader community.

In going I will be considering the womeninfocus community, my local business community, my region, women in business in Australia, the industries I operate in (creative and IT) and anyone else who wants to be a part of it all.

So here’s your big chance….where would you like to see me go?

Who would you like me to meet?

If you were given an opportunity like this, what would you do with it?

Let me know by commenting in the comments section below, and I’ll do all I can to represent everyone well and share everything I learn in future posts (or in any other way that would work for you – email broadcasts, social media – tell me your preference!)

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