End of Life for Adobe Business Catalyst

End of Life for Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe business catalyst announced recently that they will stop hosting existing sites on business catalyst on March 26th 2021 and as of that date, all sites and data will be deleted. 

Now this might sound like a long time away but we are urging businesses on Adobe Business Catalyst to get onto it soon. There are hundreds of thousands of sites globally built on BC, 10,000 of which in Australia and New Zealand. Leaving it to the last minute, may mean that web developers are booked up, and you risk losing your entire site if not transferred to another system by the deadline.

All data will be deleted at that date. And the bad news is there is no download option for your site or anything contained within such as CRM, email campaigns etc.

Until that time, Adobe are only doing the bare minimum until then. Major critical bugs and issues will be repaired, but they will not be fixing any minor items.
But, take into consideration that a website has a lifespan of around 3 years before it’s generally ripe for a refresh, so this might be a little push to giving your website that timely makeover. Here are some other reasons why it’s time to migrate:

  • Ensure your site is mobile responsive — this is now a major signaling factor for Google giving website’s rankings
  • Ensure it is fast in loading — also now a major signaling factor for Google giving website’s rankings
  • Ensure it reflects the organizations current offering!

For ultimate flexibility, we recommend migrating your Adobe BC to WordPress, but depending on your needs, Shopify may be another viable option — we can help you work that out.

We have ourselves just migrated from BC to WordPress — with over 800 pages and great rankings, that was a project that required meticulous care to transition. Don’t get caught out managing your migration with an inexperienced developer as Google rankings can plummet if the migration isn’t carefully managed from an SEO perspective.

Very few WordPress web developers know both WordPress and Adobe BC inside out. We’ve worked with both platforms since 2009, so needless to say that we know all the tricks to seamlessly getting your content from BC to WordPress.

If you would like to find out more about the migration process (price, timeframes etc), or you’re ready to get going, please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch. 

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