Teamwork Is Our Dedicated Project Management System

If we are to work together on one or more substantial projects, we will mobilise our Project Management System — TeamWork — which will help us streamline all communications with you.

We ask that you provide all CONTENT, IMAGES, REQUESTS, APPROVALS and other FEEDBACK via this system so that anyone allocated to the project can make amendments or finalise items for you as quickly as possible.

Be on the look out for updates regarding your project which will automatically syndicate to your email address.

PLEASE NOTE you can simply hit ‘REPLY’ and respond via your usual email system (i.e. Outlook, Gmail etc) and the message will automatically append into the ‘Client Liaison’ thread in time / date order.

PLEASE DO NOT HIT ‘NEW MESSAGE’ simply respond within the already established message threads to keep the conversation in the one handy location.

Also please do not reply BELOW the line if replying via email as we will not receive your message. Please also do not copy and paste the ‘no reply’ email listed on the notifications.

If you need to UPLOAD DOCUMENTS/IMAGES etc, it is preferable that you log into the system using your chosen username and password to upload these to the ‘Files’ area of your project.

If you require any support with the system, or working with us in general, let us know!

We look forward to working together on Teamwork!

The Creative Collective team

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As we have such high demand for our crowdfunding marketing services and only limited time available in any given day, we’re more than happy to schedule a no obligation 15-20 minute phone or Skype chat (sorry but you’ll never catch us off the cuff), however we’re unable to meet for longer than this at no charge as we’d deem this a consult. Most people we speak to find that this time is sufficient to go over their requirements, plus the form below helps us cut to the chase much quicker too!