Our Hybrid/Flexible Working

Our Hybrid/Flexible Working Policy

Our Hybrid/Flexible Working company policy refers to our commitment to developing a high-performing workplace culture that supports the needs of a diverse workforce and enables the team to be able to integrate their work and other life responsibilities.

Our policy is informed by our own post-Covid learnings as a Company and based on research that shows that the more autonomy employees have over their job and their lives, the happier, more satisfied, and more productive they are. We aren’t focused on micro-managing your day. We care about great outcomes for our team and our clients. 

Hybrid work arrangements are open to all TCC  employees where it is operationally viable within their role. It’s important to note that our policy is built on our company values of trust, respect and kindness. We ask our team to respect our flexibility and trust them not to abuse it. We ask our team to respect us as their employers and enjoy flexible working conditions within these guidelines, communicate with us when they plan to vary hours with as much notice as possible and respect us if we have to decline a request. 

This Agreement outlines our respective rights and obligations in relation to the Services The Creative Collective (“TCC”) provides to its clients.  If you (“the Client”) have any difficulty in understanding the terms below, please contact the TCC management team. When interpreting this Agreement, refer to the ‘Definitions’ and ‘Interpretations’ clauses at the end of this Agreement.

Read our full Flexible Hybrid Work Policy Here.

Last Updated August 2022