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NEWCASTLE - Facebook Advertising - Moving Beyond Boosted Posts!

Training offered by our sister company The Training Collective

Course Overview

NEWCASTLE - Facebook Advertising - Moving Beyond Boosted Posts!


Full day session: 9:00am - 4:30pm 


Facebook Advertising is so much more than a boosted post. If you are ready to move beyond the boosted post and really sink your teeth into all the possibilities of Facebook Advertising by being introduced to Facebook business manager, pixels, remarketing and more, this is the workshop for you

Join us for our Hands On and Interactive BYO Laptop training where you will be taken through Facebook Business Manager and all its features and ad formats and leave feeling confident to mobilise your own ads through this portal.

MORNING - What you will learn…

  • Recapping on defining your Facebook objectives
  • Recapping on your target market on Facebook - Insights + Google Analytics (demographics)
  • Recapping on your brand voice on Facebook - how will you talk, whose content will you share
  • Introduction to Facebook Advertising - statistics and how its evolved over time
  • Facebook Advertising landscape - organic vs boosted vs Facebook Business Manager
  • Introduction to Facebook Business Manager & how to get started with it
  • The all important Facebook pixels & why you should set yours up (and how to email your developer these details)
  • The importance of the Facebook pixel helper and checking yours is firing
  • The option to set up further conversion tracking inside Facebook & Google Analytics
  • What are saved audiences (and how to create them)
  • What are custom audiences (and how to create them) - website users, data audiences, engagement audiences + more!
  • What are lookalike audience (and how to create them)
  • Understanding the opportunities for advertising inside the audience insights tool - discover people you can advertise to!
  • Linking your Instagram account if you wish to do Instagram ads from Facebook Business Manager
  • The structure of Facebook Business Manager - campaigns, ad sets, ads

OUTCOME: You will understand how Facebook Business Manager fits into the Facebook landscape, why you should get Facebook pixels installed on your ASAP, how to get started with Facebook Business Manager, set up saved and custom audiences and more!


  • Best practice on naming conventions for campaigns/ad sets/ads
  • Understanding your options for objectives inside Facebook Business Manager
  • Audience options - selecting from pre-defined target markets or saved audiences/custom audiences or lookalikes
  • Understanding your placement options - Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger - where is the best place for your ads & the creative limitations for each (video duration etc.)
  • Budget & Schedule - Lifetime budgets vs daily budgets - which one should you choose and when? How much should you expect to spend? How to optimise for ad delivery, automatic vs manual bidding, when you get charged (CPC vs impressions vs views)
  • Ad scheduling - whether to run ads all the time or on a set schedule
  • Ad creative - Considering what you will say on an ad to induce a set action - using emoticons, calls to action, link shorteners, what gets people clicking and how to get Facebook testing your ad creative before you spend too much money (using dynamic creative)
  • Different Ad Formats - Choosing from carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, canvas, collection, dynamic product ads
  • Images - Sizes required if you wish to use your own (and how to fast track this in Canva), text overlay rules + the text overlay tool, Facebook’s free stock image option, what makes a good image + testing images.
  • Video - ideal duration, tools you can use to create Facebook ads
  • Examples of HIGH PERFORMING Facebook ads (and why they work)
  • Page & links - Destination link + Display Link, URL Parameters, making sure you turn your pixel on to track the ad
  • Facebook’s ad policies - things you need to know
  • How to analyse your ads performance - reporting options inside Facebook Business Manager, frequency, relevancy, tracking conversions, adjusting your performance columns and breakdown depending on what data you want to see.
  • How to export data from your Facebook Business Manager or customise your report
  • Other free and paid tools you can use to create & manage your Facebook Ads
  • Industry benchmarks and measurements - what should you be aiming for?
  • Automated rules, lead funnels and more fun stuff we can teach you via a private Facebook Advertising consult!
  • And much more….

OUTCOME: You will understand how to mobilise a campaign via Facebook Business Manager and how to analyse it’s performance on an ongoing basis.

Who should attend and prerequisites

  • People who are already established on Facebook with a business page and who have been doing boosted posts for some time and who are looking to take their Facebook advertising knowledge to a more professional level
  • People who would like to understand Facebook Advertising, Facebook Business Manager and all its possibilities
  • People who have a reasonable marketing budget (at least $500/month, ideally $1000/month) to spend on Facebook Ads, and who want to get the highest return on investment possible
  • People who want to understand whether their Facebook ads are working and what they can do to improve things
  • People who are looking to scale their spend or business via Facebook

What you need to have in place before you come to the workshop

  • Must have a FB Ads account setup and linked to the FB Page they wish to manage - either as an Ads Admin or via Business Manager
    See here for instructions: HELP ME SET THIS UP

  • Customer Lists 

  • Have access to your Website to install pixel (your IT manager or web developer might help to install prior to session)

  • An idea of what you wish to advertise (e.g. product/service for sale, opt-in, video, etc)

  • Images, video, copy, etc to use to create your ads

Students should have a strong working knowledge of either Mac or Windows


Tranformational Group - 70/72 Broadmeadow Rd, Broadmeadow NSW 2292


Kat is one-half of the dynamic duo that heads up The Creative Collective and has been working with businesses for upwards of 10 years implementing digital marketing campaigns, developing cutting edge websites and consulting on strategy.

Kat has worked with literally hundreds, if not thousands of businesses on everything from design, web development, social media and more. 

Katrina has worked across a broad range of industries and sectors including retail, fashion, manufacturing, printing, property investment, real estate, business coaching/consulting, accounting and financial services. Her natural entrepreneurial skills have seen her working in management and supervisory roles since 16, and her passion for business and logical insights adds enormous value to the businesses she works with. Katrina has a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of all things design and marketing (online and offline) and high understanding of business management.

Kat enjoys passing on her wisdom and therefore is one of our leading trainers for The Training Collective based in Newcastle. 

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What You Get For Your Money

If you attend a training with our sister company The Training Collective you'll enjoy all of the following:

  Intimate group training - no more than 8 attendees, often only 5 and 6 so plenty of love and attention coming your way!

 An informative event full of practical advice from someone who knows what they are talking about

 Apply what you learn, as you learn, so you leave having actually achieved something

 Make mistakes with someone on hand to call on and ask for assistance as you go

 Coffee & tea on arrival

 The opportunity to network with other businesses

 Free consults - talk to the speaker before the event, in the break and afterwards!

 Inspiration, information and innovative techniques to take home and try too

 Live demonstrations
Important Disclaimers

Please note: At these interactive workshops we encourage you to bring your own laptop (not iPad or tablet). You will have the opportunity to network with others, so bring business cards!

Cancellation Policy: Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome at no extra charge. An admin fee will apply for missed trainings. Regrettably no refunds can be made except if the event minimum numbers are not reached.

Please Note: This workshop requires a minimum of 5 attendees to go ahead – if the minimum attendee number is not reached, a full refund or credit of the training fee paid, will be given to attendees who have already paid. Accommodation and travel is booked at the risk of the attendee.

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