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ADELAIDE - Instagram for Business

Training offered by our sister company The Training Collective

Course Overview

ADELAIDE - Instagram for Business Workshop


Full day session: 9:00am - 4:30pm 


Instagram has over 600 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users with 5 million users in Australia. 

Are you considering starting to promote yourself or your business on Instagram? Perhaps you are already on there but don't really know what you are doing? Or maybe you are on there and active but haven't had time to get across the latest updates (there are many!) and the many apps you need to really get Instagram working!

Join us for an extremely interactive and hands on full day workshop in Instagram, and be guided through how to create amazing imagery, and take your Instagram activity to the next level.

IMPORTANT -You must have a device that has Instagram installed on arrival!

With our training sessions you will walk out not only having learned something, but actually having achieved a whole lot too! 

Who should attend and prerequisites

  • People who have not yet ventured onto Instagram
  • People who are using Instagram already but who do not have an intimate understanding of how to use it and get results from it
  • People who have a general understanding of what social media is, but who want to get to know specific networks more intimately
  • People who want how to use Instagram safely and confidently, and who want to explore the possibilities of marketing their business on Instagram

Students should have a strong working knowledge of either Mac or Windows

Course Outline 

• Overview of Instagram
• Changing trends in online marketing that have made this tool so important 
• Understanding the concept of Instagram - what does it all mean? 
• Setting up your Instagram profile the RIGHT way (and how to amend it if required) 
• Understanding how Instagram fits into your social media universe and what objectives you could set for your business related to these networks 
• The difference between using Instagram for personal and business 
• How to write your business-oriented profile for Instagram 
• Getting started – what images could you post 
• Sources of new inspiration and photos 
• Who to 'Follow' (and not to) and how 
• How to use hashtags to grow your exposure and encourage likes and comments 
• Where to find content to share 
• How to add Instagram icons and share buttons to your website and social media 
• Using video on Instagram 
• Connecting Instagram to other networks to maximise marketing reach
• How to repost content from other instagram accounts
• Apps that he lp you identify who is following you and who you’re not following back and vice versa en masse !
• Apps that help you create cool image s and support creating a swagger to go home with!
• Apps that automatically follow people, like posts and comment on accounts who mention keywords or hashtags relevant to your business (ye s re ally!)
• Apps that help you find what hashtags to use to get good engagement and more followers
•  Apps that help you touch up your instagram imagery to make it look amazing or give you a distinct style
• How to get started with instagram advertising
• What instameets are and how to get involved
• How to schedule posts in advance
•  How to measure success
•  Instagram Advertising


Flinders University at Tonsley
Level 5, Room 5.30 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park │ South Australia │ 5042


Nic Henry Jones has over 10 years Digital Marketing experience. She's a highly driven business creative who is passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs, market their businesses in smart ways. She has facilitated many workshops in her time in business, and is now called upon by regional councils to facilitate training for them on a regular basis. She resides in the Adelaide Hills with her 3 children (including twin boys).

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What You Get For Your Money

If you attend a training with our sister company The Training Collective you'll enjoy all of the following:

  Intimate group training - no more than 8 attendees, often only 5 and 6 so plenty of love and attention coming your way!

 An informative event full of practical advice from someone who knows what they are talking about

 Apply what you learn, as you learn, so you leave having actually achieved something

 Make mistakes with someone on hand to call on and ask for assistance as you go

 Coffee & tea on arrival

 The opportunity to network with other businesses

 Free consults - talk to the speaker before the event, in the break and afterwards!

 Inspiration, information and innovative techniques to take home and try too

 Live demonstrations
Important Disclaimers

Please note: At these interactive workshops we encourage you to bring your own laptop (not iPad or tablet). You will have the opportunity to network with others, so bring business cards!

Cancellation Policy: Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome at no extra charge. An admin fee will apply for missed trainings. Regrettably no refunds can be made except if the event minimum numbers are not reached.

Please Note: This workshop requires a minimum of 5 attendees to go ahead – if the minimum attendee number is not reached, a full refund or credit of the training fee paid, will be given to attendees who have already paid. Accommodation and travel is booked at the risk of the attendee.

SMILE! Your attendance at events may be digitally recorded through photographs and/or video recordings. Images may be used on our websites, publications, social media or by other media and marketing channels. If you do not wish your image to be published, please notify staff before the event.

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