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Below is just a small selection of what our clients think of our work!.

If you have any questions after you have read these testimonials or would like to submit one of your own, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Testimonials from Happy Graphic Design Clients

Thank you for your professional and timely input in bringing Drink Mate to life. Your support and willingness to help achieve excellent results is greatly appreciated.”

Adam Benjamin
Drink Mate
"We LOVE our new brand. We are TOTALLY in love with it. The more the look at it, the more I like it. You've managed to sum me and what I am trying to do so well. You really are very good at what you do."

Macushla Montell
"The banner and postcards you did for the expo we just attended are GREAT! Very professional work done in such a limited time frame. Thanks Yvette and team." 
Bipul Kafley, Study Lane

Testimonials From Happy Marketing Clients

"We have had an overwhelming response for our latest year long course thanks to your marketing efforts with 16 new graduates & enquiries still coming in everyday! I can't believe it I have done absolutely NO local advertising other then the internet & look what happens??? One of our biggest intakes ever. You as you are a legend & I should have listened to you years ago. You are a star." Michelle Chudleigh
The International College of Esthetics 
We've gone from a database of 2000 and online sales of $6000 per annum to a well thought out and well executed marketing plan which in just 9 months has grown to a database of 5800 and online sales of $75,000 and so many prospective educators we've had to tell Yvette to put a lid on it for a while so we can catch up!"
Sylvia Stock
"Just wanted to give you all a big THANK YOU for contributing to such a professional publication the Mary Valley Business Directory. I think we have achieved lots of ground with this publication. Feedback from a wide variety of people today indicated that the directory is certainly a quality production bursting with great info. It is great to work with an efficient team!"
Kaili Parker Price
Priceless Productions

Testimonials From Happy Social Media Clients

"I used The Creative Collective for designing social media pages and strategies, and for training myself and my staff. All of the work that they have delivered has been carried out in a timely manner and was of the highest quality. I would not hesitate in recommending The Creative Collective to anyone considering their services."

Adam Nobel
"The Creative Collective not only educated me, they were involved in revamping my blog/Facebook/twitter accounts giving my site a fresh new look. The whole team has an area of expertise they specialise in and they go to great lengths to keep up with what is happening out in the market place." 

John Hart
"Look at what a difference a well presented website can make when you link it with your social media efforts. - well done to The Creative Collective what a great job. Shutter180 Productions would recommend The Creative Collective if your business is in need of consultancy in this area."

Fred Nolan

Testimonials From Happy Website Clients

"Our website has over 1700 products and is one of the largest online card shops in Australia. We are constantly receiving positive feedback from our industry and web designers on the functionality & design of our website. Without The Creative Collective I doubt that we would have been able to achieve our vision.

Hayley Whitfield
"Check out our awesome new website! We love it! Designed by the fabulous Creative Collective. It's everything we wanted and more and we know it is going to boost our business."

Traci Castle
"I have been very impressed with the competence, knowledge, and expertise of The Creative Collective team. The website is already performing at a significantly higher level than the old one, particularly in terms of visitors to the site. It also looks and feels exactly as I had hoped in terms of presenting my business to the on-line world."

Robin Cullen

Krishna Everson, Health Practice Success

"As a marketing consultant with health business and niche creation specialties, it is wonderful to be able to tap into Yvette's extensive online knowledge and expertise and invite my own clients to become a part of that. Web Wednesdays offer straight talk to anyone wanting to harness the power of the web, which is now more than a 'maybe' in business, it is an absolute necessity. I will be continuing to invite my clients to the Web Wednesday events to enhance their knowledge and demystify the world of marketing online."

Darryl Clark, Damp Solutions Australia
"Thanks for a very informative and impressive informational lessons presented the last two days, it has been a real eye opener and will sky rocket many businesses including my own. Thanks again for all your help."

Barbara Haddon, Learn2Live
"Simply, Yvette and her team know their stuff and they deliver a quality product. In my particular case, Yvette has been incredibly patient and supportive during my steep learning curve and various other unexpected issues! Thanks heaps to you and your team, Yvette."

Mandy Hargreaves, Director of Shopping by Appointment
"On day one of going live with my website I booked a shopping party - one of the services I offer...Yeah!! The potential of my new website is unreal and so exciting. I could not have got it done without the support from the Creative Collective team. Best of all I know I still have help when ever I need it. I can see exciting possibilities for my business that I would never have explored before so thanks heaps Creative Collective."

Jason Gray, Director of Cookies and Cream
"In just four short months, Yvette has managed to turn our business around from someone who had been seriously shafted by our existing web developer and ready to throw in the towel, to owners of a website with huge improvements on the original one, and now enjoying huge dividends. We've tripled our database from 600 to 2075 in this first quarter, set up an emarketing system which we don't know what we would do without now, and grown our online sales from $2000 a month to $6000 a month. We've also gone from not even featuring on the front page of Google for numeroushighly competitive words. This is just so exciting. we can't recommend Yvette highly enough."

Nicky Jardine, Practice Manager, Medicine on Second (Queensland Practice of the Year)
"I have worked with Yvette as the practice manager of two busy medical practices over a period of three years. Yvette has been extremely respectful and understanding of the unique and highly regulated industry we operate within and has opened our eyes to many innovative strategies available to businesses, including ours. As crazy as at it sounds, it is still not even uncommon for medical practices to even have a website and many do not see the need to market, or only stick to very traditional marketing strategies such as advertising and flyer drops.

Yvette has assisted our practice to become a real pioneer in our industry by introducing various functionalities which have successfully assisted us to grow our patient list, and to service our existing patient list more effectively.

We now have the ability for new patients to register at our practice online and our existing patients to book appointments online a quick, discreet and easy way for our patients to communicate with us. She has also assisted to develop our brand including expansions within the company, to win business awards by encouraging us to enter relevant awards and assisting us in the application process, developing hugely successful community initiatives and fundraising drives and secure a significant of media coverage and much more! We are so confident in Yvette's abilities we have recommended her to many of our colleagues."

Jeff May, Beach House Fitness Maroochydore
"Although I've only been working with Yvette for a short time, I already feel like the few changes we've implemented have been EXTREMELY beneficial to our business. We are quite astounded by how subtle the changes can may seem, but how dramatic the effect on the increase in leads and conversions can be. We believe our leads are up 40% and our conversions from prospective to new clients have alsodramatically increased. We are very excited about our future relationship with Yvette and The Creative Collective."

Nikki Arnold, Sales & Administration Manager
"I'd like to say thank you again for the great work your team did in creating our new website.TCC came to the rescue when we needed our old website updated urgently after a business name change & to include eCommerce. Not only did they attend to the briefing, but they gave the whole website a complete fresh overhaul. We love it! The team were professional, understanding of our needs & worked fast. And it was all done in ONE DAY. Thank you TCC!"

Aaron O'Brien, Director
"Caravan & RV World assigned The Creative Collective of Newcastle to design and manage our e-commerce website that sells spare parts and accessories to caravan and motorhome owners around Australia. Aside from the excellent website they have produced they have also designed a Google Adword and SEO campaign to go with it. This campaign has worked wonders for our business. Our website traffic has increased, sales have increased and we are seeing increasing numbers of repeat customers.

Katrina Lees and Alastair Loxton have always answered my questions promptly and have reported statistics and results on time without fail. Thankyou to the team at The Creative Collective Newcastle for doing an excellent job in getting my business flying online and helping us to become Australia’s fastest growing online caravan and motorhome spare parts and accessories business. "

Kristian Lund, Marketing & Communications Consultant
"TCC were extremely professional and easy to work with from start to finish. We benefitted greatly from their being able to call upon their wide-ranging partners with various expertise to nail all aspects of our project. Visit our website – the results speaks for themselves."

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