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Social Media Advertising


$400 monthly service + $200 net to Facebook for boosted posts only
Choose up to 2 objectives (see below) for $400 net to Facebook/month
Choose up to 3 objectives (see below) for $600 net to Facebook/month
Initial consultation with a Social Media Specialist
30 mins on Skype or in person where geography permits 1 hour on Skype or in person where geography permits 1 hour on Skype or in person where geography permits
Development and provision of social media advertising strategy - sent to your as a debrief post consult

Creation of quality ad copy + images
Up to 4 ads boosted per month  2 ad sets complete with 2 ad variations
3 ad sets complete with 3 ad variations
Proposed ads sent to you for approval in advance

Approved ads scheduled to go out at optimal time, to the best audience

Monitoring ads and modify where required (switching ads off, amending targetting) to maximise traffic or minimise costs
Reviewed weekly  Reviewed weekly   Reviewed weekly  
Monthly report
Report provided via email per month showcasing key results
(Optional) Monthly Meeting
To discuss past months results and propose strategy for month ahead
via Skype/phone
No meeting 30 minutes via Skype 1 hour via Skype

Our Social Media Team
We have fantastic talent on our social media management team who are at the forefront of social media marketing and who have launched social media accounts, managed social media posting and advertising campaigns, and consulted to hundreds of businesses all over the world. By working with us, you are accessing social media specialists who are leaders in their field who use a suite of professional tools and software to get the desired results and who commit to regular R&D (research and development) to keep up with the latest and greatest social media trends and techniques, so you don't have to. Be assured that by using The Creative Collective you are accessing only the best in talent and that better still, we'll be professional, but fun to work with!
Founder, Partner, Digital Marketing Specialist & Trainer
Social Media Specialist & Training Coordinator
SEM & Facebook Ad Specialist & Trainer
Meet all of our team
Our Happy Social Media Clients
"I used The Creative Collective for designing social media pages and strategies, and for training myself and my staff. All of the work that they have delivered has been carried out in a timely manner and was of the highest quality. I would not hesitate in recommending The Creative Collective to anyone considering their services."

Adam Nobel
"The Creative Collective had a complex challenge to pull together a brand for us given the number of stakeholders and different target markets the brand had to appeal to. The workshopping process was thorough and The Creative Collective were very responsive in our requirements to finalise the end result. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback as we’ve used this brand out in the marketplace. It really seems to be resonating with the target markets."

Naomi Andrews, National Business Development Manager, Digital Careers
"The Creative Collective not only educated me, they were involved in revamping my blog/Facebook/twitter accounts giving my site a fresh new look. The whole team has an area of expertise they specialise in and they go to great lengths to keep up with what is happening out in the market place."

John Hart, John Hart Fitness
"A jargon free, relevant and helpful introduction to social media"

John Vandeleur, Turner Freeman Lawyers
"Yvette and Kat are the most energetic, vibrant and trend-setting team I have ever encountered. Always cheerful, smiling, superbly intelligent and on-the-ball they make the graphic design process a wonderful and happy adventure of discovery. What's more I feel "safe" in their capable hands as beyond their obvious talents they work to the highest standards of ethics and integrity which can be a rare commodity in today's commercial world. I retained the Creative Collective on the basis of my initial impression of Yvette herself and as such my expectations were set "very high" - I was not disappointed - my expectations were met "admirably".by both Yvette and Katrina. What more can I say - they are the best! "

Marie Walton, ArtinU
"What a crew, friendly and smart, just like my wife easy to get along with and get the job done so professionally. Thank you all."

Bernie Duffy - My Wine Lover
"TCC delivers what they say and are always very easy to interact with. We run a small consultancy and have a very subdued growth/social media strategy which TCC seem to have adapted to very easily."

Steve Artis - Ultraspeed Australia

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