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Social Media

Some people claim to be social media experts, and others can prove it.  We are a company with a proven track record.

Our combined social networks total over 70,000 people and growing fast. We not only shows others how to achieve tangible business results on social networks, we also apply these same techniques ourselves with much success.

Zoe Wyatt is the Social Media Specialist for The Creative Collective. Zoe and the team are ready to help your business achieve social media success too.

Social Media Expertise

The Creative Collective are recognised as a leading social media company having started on the social networks ourselves in 2008. We have assisted many clients to establish on social networks relevant to their business, have devised numerous social media strategies, have run tons of social media campaigns and have provided social media training to thousands of businesses through webinars, programs, workshops and in one-on-one consults.

We have provided social media advice to clients such as Mortgage Choice, Queensland Government, Telstra, Mr. Rental & Dillon Folker Stephens just to name a few. You can view some of our social media builds here.

Having said this however, as a company we ‘walk our talk’ too. We have multiple social media networks, and a combined reach of over 70,000 people across all networks, and regularly enjoy the many benefits being on social media can bring such as leads, sales, media opportunities, strategic partnerships and more.  

We regularly utilize social media to create brand awareness and online buzz as well as monitor ‘buzz’ about our company, products, people and our competitors, measure traffic from social media activities and more.

What is Social Media?

What is Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest growth areas of online marketing. In short, it is technology
that allows you to socialise for personal, business, or any other purposes you may wish,
online. You may choose to connect and view other people’s content, and/or add your own
content, graphics, articles, videos, articles etc.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are the social media giants on the internet,
especially in Australia, and all are offering to promote your business online absolutely free,
with some paid opportunities too. Google+, Foursquare and Pinterest are growing its use for
certain demographics as well.

However careful consideration also needs to be given to other social networks that may suit
your situation.Whilst it is not difficult to establish on social networks, getting it right, and getting into place a strong strategy, ensuring staff are well trained and keeping up with the regular changes and new technologies emerging in social media is a constant challenge which is exactly where we can add the most value.

As a business owner or employee, you would have to dedicate hours to keeping up to date with the ever changing social media landscape and to understand where to focus your attention and resources for the maximum business returns.

By working with us, you are accessing social media specialists who are leaders in their field who use a suite of professional tools and software to get the desired results and who commit to regular R&D (research and development) to keep up with the latest and greatest social media trends and techniques, so you don't have to.

How We Can Help You With Your Social Media

We can help you with your:

Social Media Services

Our range of Social Media services cater for most budgets and circumstances however should you wish to discuss your requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact your nearest office:

Social Media Sunshine Coast
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Testimonials From Happy Social Media Clients

"I used The Creative Collective for designing social media pages and strategies, and for training myself and my staff. All of the work that they have delivered has been carried out in a timely manner and was of the highest quality. I would not hesitate in recommending The Creative Collective to anyone considering their services."

Adam Nobel
"The Creative Collective not only educated me, they were involved in revamping my blog/Facebook/twitter accounts giving my site a fresh new look. The whole team has an area of expertise they specialise in and they go to great lengths to keep up with what is happening out in the market place." 

John Hart
"Look at what a difference a well presented website can make when you link it with your social media efforts. - well done to The Creative Collective what a great job. Shutter180 Productions would recommend The Creative Collective if your business is in need of consultancy in this area."

Fred Nolan

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