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Meet the 21 year old from NSW, Australia who is making $10,000 A DAY online

It’s most techpreneur’s pipedream: launching a crowdfunding campaign online to raise enough funds to create their tech product.

21-year-old Jonathan Zuvela of Lithgow, NSW thought it would be ambitious, but hopefully achievable to raise $20,000 when he launched his crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last Sunday, with a view of creating NEXTEAR - the world’s smartest wireless earphones.

But what happened next has surpassed all expectations. Just seven days after launching the campaign, Zuvela has raised $79,000 – exceeding his target by 398% - and is averaging $10,000 a day online, with tech media all around the world featuring him on countless blogs in numerous languages, a campaign which has been driven by The Creative Collective.

With the electronics done, and a manufacturer in China sourced, the original $20,000 target was to purchase tooling to manufacture the first run of the ultra small earphones, which pair with any Bluetooth smart device to play studio quality music and which come with a multi-purpose rechargeable storage case which can charge any iPhone, tablet or Android, a 16GB flash memory, a built-in USB port, a key-hook, a LED light torch, and the ability to stream sound from your computer or TV with little to no latency.

 With pre-orders of the product in high demand, the question now is not whether Zuvela will have the funds to create the product, but rather which features he will include in his first run of the products which are retailing on Indiegogo for as low as $115 on pre-order but which will retail for $263 once they come out in October.

Having surpassed the $50,000 mark on Friday evening, Zuvela will now include a radar feature which will help users find the small ear pieces to place them safely back in their case if misplaced. If he clocks $100,000 the first run will come with different colour ear buds and if he reaches $500,000 different coloured cases will also be offered.

Nextear is currently looking for sign sole distributors in all countries, please fill out the form here to register your interest:

The Indiegogo campaign ends on 24 May. To secure your set of NEXTEAR wireless earphones go to:

See the company’s website at and social channels:


A limited number of media samples of the product can be made available after the manufacture in October. If you are interested in receiving one of these, please complete the form here.

Media interested in arranging an interview or photos should contact Yvette Adams on 0405 022 977 or

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Finding your querencia (and getting your business mojo back)

It's relentless being a business owner. And then there's crazy people like me who decide to run three businesses simultaneously (, and, and have 2 kids, and write a book ( and do a heap of speaking and promotion around that. 

It's all fun and games... until your mojo starts running a bit low. And when you're the captain of a decently sized ship, the journey must continue. But how do you go on if you're running low on fuel. How do you rally the troops when you could do with a little rallying yourself?

Yes I'm being blatantly honest and sharing that even I have low vibe days, and sometimes feel like I've lost my mojo.

But what's important to discuss here is not about losing it, but how to get it back, and quick! 

Everybody is different and that's what makes the world such a wonderful place.

But I figure if I share what works for me, it might be helpful to you if you find yourself in the same predicament. So here's six things that tend to work for me when my feet are dragging:

1. Go search some motivational quotes on the internet or on Pinterest - whether you've used it before or not, do yourself a favour and head over to pinterest. Type into the search bar 'quotes' or 'motivational quotes' or any other combinations of keywords and scroll through until you find a quote which resonates with you. Look at it. Stare at it. Make it your screensaver or wallpaper. Share it. Just connect with it. Or, create your own! I love using Wordswag or Over to make mine on my iPhone. Sometimes getting the creative juices going is therapy in itself. Read More

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