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The Digital Skills You Need To Get A Job & Build a Business

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So you have a Wordpress website, but is it secure???

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Getting Started with YouTube

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Technology for Business Travel

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Why You Need To Learn To Code

How to get your crowdfunding campaign supported by the platform you're using

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How to write an effective social media post

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How to review your website from a technical perspective

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Establishing an Online Community

How to reclaim your lost or compromised website

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PRESS RELEASE: Australian Edtech company hires new CDO & launches into New Zealand

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PRESS RELEASE: The Sunshine Coast’s first and only dedicated floatation centre to open in Maroochydore this winter

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Nextear - the world's smartest wireless earphones - raised $196,549USD!

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Must have elements for a 'WOW' website design

Even the biggest brands aren't immune to human error

3 Cool New Tools I Discovered At Startup Weekend

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Why We Love Helping Out At Girls Can Code Days

Meet the 21 year old from NSW, Australia who is making $10,000 A DAY online

PRESS RELEASE: Young Australian entrepreneur’s wireless earphones set to revolutionise the way we listen

Why entrepreneurs jump from a cliff, and build the parachute on the way down

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The earlybird deadline for the International Business Awards is next week!

What would winning an international business award mean to you? A lot? Well here's your chance!

There are two important entry deadlines next week so we're reaching out to make sure you know about them! Read More

Catch Yvette speaking at a free event on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with Haven Magazine!

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PRESS RELEASE: Watch out: the ‘Mobilegeddon’ is coming!

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If you don't make your website mobile friendly NOW, Google is about to penalise you!

Do your kids know more about technology than you?

Our director featured on New Zealand TV show, Good Morning this week and shared some helpful tips on how to stay tech savvy when it comes to your kids. Check the short 7 minute clip out below. Read More

Finding your querencia (and getting your business mojo back)

It's relentless being a business owner. And then there's crazy people like me who decide to run three businesses simultaneously (thecreativecollective.com.au, thetrainingcollective.com.au and awardshub.com), and have 2 kids, and write a book (nokidding.com.au) and do a heap of speaking and promotion around that. 

It's all fun and games... until your mojo starts running a bit low. And when you're the captain of a decently sized ship, the journey must continue. But how do you go on if you're running low on fuel. How do you rally the troops when you could do with a little rallying yourself?

Yes I'm being blatantly honest and sharing that even I have low vibe days, and sometimes feel like I've lost my mojo.

But what's important to discuss here is not about losing it, but how to get it back, and quick! 

Everybody is different and that's what makes the world such a wonderful place.

But I figure if I share what works for me, it might be helpful to you if you find yourself in the same predicament. So here's six things that tend to work for me when my feet are dragging:

1. Go search some motivational quotes on the internet or on Pinterest - whether you've used it before or not, do yourself a favour and head over to pinterest. Type into the search bar 'quotes' or 'motivational quotes' or any other combinations of keywords and scroll through until you find a quote which resonates with you. Look at it. Stare at it. Make it your screensaver or wallpaper. Share it. Just connect with it. Or, create your own! I love using Wordswag or Over to make mine on my iPhone. Sometimes getting the creative juices going is therapy in itself. Read More

The Search is On Again for People in Need of New Digital Skills

Continuing on their quest to find people in need of digital skills, Sunshine Coast based company The Training Collective (sister company of The Creative Collective) is on the look out for deserving people to sponsor into their hugely successful Get Up To Speed program, aimed at equipping people with digital skills. Read More

Seek or Linkedin - which is best for hiring staff?

Recently we hired someone to take over a maternity period with our sister company The Training Collective. Read More


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